Hi and welcome!

My name is Andreas Bakken and I’m an aspiring tech reviewer/blogger. I have recently decided that I need a new space to went all my technological interests and excitements since my Fiancé’s probably getting sick of it.

I’m a consumer, a user and enthusiast of technology. Especially smart phones, wearables and smart home products.

How did I get here?

As a teenager I was way too into gaming for my own good. Though never online or multiplayer games. I like a good story-driven experience with graphical and technical advancements. 

Seeing as that interest got toned down (I still play games from time to time mind you), I got way into smart phones. My first smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy Spica. I still remember not having a mobile data plan whilst still being impressed at the small computer in my pocket. When I wanted to replace the Spica it was between the Galaxy s3, Nokia Lumia 900 and the iPhone. I was mostly comparing their respective voice assistants and decided that S-voice seemed better than the then unnamed assistant on the Lumia series. The s3 won.
2014 I had to replace my Samsung Galaxy s3 and the adventure continued. The OnePlus One was all the rage that Spring and I remember how excited I was for it. Every tech-reviewer covered it and every one wanted it. I needed that replacement though so the LG G2 had to do it. It was a great phone at the time and I remember being impressed at the knock code feature. I got lucky though. Just a day after I got my OnePlus One invite I dropped my G2... I swear it was an accident.

The OnePlus One. It was huge, it had this crazy sandstone material and I couldn't care less if the metal looking frame was actual metal. The phone was so fast and there were so many ROMs for it already. I remember the phone fondly. The smallest details mattered, like the amazing Lock screen Cyanogen OS shipped with until Android 5.0 Lollipop was released. But being as I am I sold it to my brother a little over 1 year later. The Galaxy s6 was out and on great sales already. Wireless charging, how cool wasn't that? Something drew me towards the Galaxy line and I guess you could say I was biased. I preferred the software design of the OnePlus and stock android though.

The galaxy Note 7 was about to be released 8 or 9 months later and I wanted it. It never came though, as carriers in Scandinavia never actually got it. I settled for the Galaxy s7 edge instead and this phone impressed me. It didn't have usb-C though which was a shame. and 6 months later it got stolen. What did you buy when you needed a phone quickly and on the cheep side in 2017? The Honor 8. at 3500 SEK ($373.5) was a steal and actually a great phone. I used it for 3 months until the galaxy s8 was out and Samsung Pay arrived in Sweden. How cool wasn't that? I actually used Samsung Pay almost every day and I hope Android Pay arrive soon. Wireless charging though? It's a nice addition but I didn't seem to use it all that much. It might be because the s8 didn't seem to register the charging pad though. I don't like waking up to a dead phone.

I recently replaced the s8 with the OnePlus 5T (You can read my full review here) and I'm officially Samsung unbiased again.

On this page I want to check out every manufacturers latest and greatest but also the budget friendlier options. I've always wanted to try out a phone from HTC but for some reason never bought one. Xiaomi seems to be going places (including Sweden: Mobil.se, in swedish) and if we're lucky the Pixel 3 comes here along with the Google Assistant Officially being released in swedish.

It's a good time to be alive on this side of the world. Please join me1