Expectations: The Oneplus 6T

The OnePlus 6 is currently my daily driver, and Spoiler alert: I like it a lot. With even MKBHD being torn towards it from his previously trusty Pixel 2 Xl it is hard to deny that this is a great smartphone.

As usual though, rumors are sparking around the next iteration from OnePlus, the 6T. Oneplus confirmed that the 6 month launch window follows their marketing design for an online-first sales model, so I don't see the point in questioning whether there will be a 6T. By now you have probably seen some crazy concept images spreading across the internet, like the one below.
I do however have a few feature wishes.  

OnePlus 6T concept from  Science and Knowledge

OnePlus 6T concept from Science and Knowledge

Wireless Charging 

In my recently released comparison between the 6 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s one of my biggest missed features were Wireless Charging. OnePlus previously said that they did not feel that the technology is worth investing in and that it would affect the build quality and slimness of the phone. 

There is no denying that Dash (Warp?) Charging is awesome, and a huge addition to relieve battery anxiety. Quick charging will never replace a good battery life in my book though and wireless charging adds convenience in addition to actually being a well adopted standard.

Bigger Battery

Continuing on with the topic of battery life, I hope that OnePlus manages to put a larger battery in the OnePlus 6T. Battery life on the 6 have not been the best for me so far, and with Xiaomi pushing 4000 Mah I think OnePlus could close in on that gap. 

Having the great build quality, best software as well as a bigger battery (with wireless charging) would make me question owning any other phone ever again.

Fingerprint Scanner

Although very much I look forward to the in-display fingerprint scanners of the future, I don't think OnePlus will adapt them just yet. OnePlus has one of, if not the fastest fingerprint scanners in smartphones. I do not see them replacing that before the technology is better.

Stereo Speakers

Although it is not a priority for me, I wouldn't mind seeing a stereo speaker setup on the 6T, equal to that on the HTC U12+ or iPhone x. The screen is great for content consumption, but the speaker is lacking so far and to easy to cover up. It needs to do better than the one on the Mix 2s though, as the use of the earpiece on it is mostly used as a formality, with awful sound-quality.


I do not think that the 6T will come with a huge change in design. I do not think we will see a pop-up selfie camera and neither that the screen size will grow. Camera performance could change though and it is possible that we could get the tripple-camera treatment or dual selfie cameras.

Concept image from Waqar Khan

Concept image from Waqar Khan

I can imagine the concept image above being realistic predicting a smaller notch containing the camera and an earpiece. The notch is reminiscent of the one found on the Essential Phone. 

I do however have one design-wish

Metallic Frame

When Samsung released the Note 7 and matched the aluminium frame with the black glass back I thought that was great. But honestly, I would like to see OnePlus make a version with a silver steel frame. The Pearl White one got a gold frame right? For some reason I think the black ones look rather boring but I might be a minority here, and I might also be wrong.


The problem with OnePlus improving upon every iteration is the increased price-bump that comes along with it. 

That being said I think it is pretty self-explanatory why the prices keeps increasing and it seems to go along with Xiaomi's pricing. however, with the Asus Zenfone 5z undercutting the OnePlus 6's price, I think they need to stay at the current price for at least one release. 

What are you hoping to see in the OnePlus 6T? Let me know in the comments below!