The Weekly: 27 - HTC lays of a quarter of staff, OnePlus 6 get's color and 5 gets Treble and Snapdragon 845 opens up for development

The Weekly Roundup

In these posts I'll comment on the most interesting mobile- and smart tech news I have caught during the week. I'll input how I feel about these as well as facts. 

Snapdragon 845 Sources available

 Qualcomm processors are popular among the Custom ROM communities. A lot of this popularity comes from Qualcomms dedication to releasing the Sources for these processors publicly. This simplifies and enables the process of making an AOSP ROM for phones with heavily modded skins such as Xiaomi. 

In theory this should mean that the development for these after-market ROMs will start and phones like the Asus Zenphone 5z, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s as well as LG G7 and Sony Xperia xz2 could start receiving popular ROMs like Lineage OS. 

MIUI 10 Global Beta Rollout

Following up on Xiaomi phones and software there's easy for new-comers to be confused about Xiaomi releases. It also seems like no other company celebrates their skins' update releases as Xiaomi does.

There are theee versions of MIUI, two of them are official and one is not. These do not differ in any large commodities, but here is a run-down:

MIUI China version is the first to be released and arguably Xiaomis main focus. This version gets shipped back home in China and does not include Google Apps or services. In this version there are more pre-installed apps, or bloatware, and the languages supported are Traditional and Simplified Chinese as well as English. 

MIUI Global Version is the software that official global versions of Xiaomi phones ships with. It's a modified version of the China software with Google Apps and Services included. Some bloatware is also exchanged for Google apps. There's also the loss of some features depending on the region pick in settings. I have noticed a lack of Face Unlock and the Theme Store unless I set the Region to India for example. That's kind of a bummer. 

Xiaomi.EU MIUI (unofficial) is the unofficial version of MIUI, or a custom ROM. This version had its development started before the Global version started shipping. The developers are great at getting out content and updates quickly and actually released a MIU 10 beta before the Global rollout started. This version is based on MIUI for China but with a global focus and a larger language support. There is more information here

The China version had its MIUI 10 beta rollout started weeks ago but the Global release is finally here. First out are the following phones: 

XDA posted download links and how to install it here if you are interested. 

HTC can't Catch a Break

HTC have had a rough couple of years. It's easy to tell by how nearly every review you watch seem to go through why they used to like HTC, what's been going badly lately and how they are hoping that this is the one to redeem the company. I don't think I've seen a single modern HTC flagship out in the wild either.

With the release of the HTC u12+ being so recent it is sad to see these news. HTC have had their worst sales plummet in over two years going down over 55% in year-to-year ratings. At the start of this week news came out that HTC will be forced to let 1500 employees go. That's a quarter of its global workforce. 
It's a sad thing that manufacturers have a harder and harder time getting by and Samsung, Sony and LG seem to report declining sales numbers as well. 

Do you believe this is due to a saturated market or a lack of innovation from mayor OEMs? 

Android P Developer Preview 4 released

Google released the new version of the Android P beta (3) on Monday and it's reportedly not that big of an update. Stability and improvements lay in focus and Google says they are getting closer to the finished product that is Android P. 

As usual it claims that other vendors and supported devices should release the update as well in the coming weeks. This leads me to once again question where the later versions are on the Mi Mix 2s. I'm still critical to Xiaomis reasoning behind releasing only the first beta version and then just drop the support. Seeing as the company were proud to let developers access the Preview on a cheaper device it seems strange to not, at least, update to the version including final APIs.

We'll have to see how the development continues. 

OnePlus 6 Red

If You are reading this then You have most likely seen this already. OnePlus announced a new color for the 6, namely Red. The limited edition release comes in only one storage combination, that being 8 GB Ram and 128 GB storage. It's to be released globally tomorrow, Monday July 9th and there current are no announcement as to how many they have made or how long the color option will be available for purchase. 

Will you pick up the Red version?


OnePlus related: The company just released an open beta update for the OnePlus 5 and 5T which includes Project Treble support for both devices. This is a requested update from users around the world and probably a good move for extra fan love. OnePlus have previously commented on and described why these phones would not get Treble-support but it seems like they changed their minds.

This week have been...

Slow. I must admit that there hasn't been any one news article that really drew me in. This is however my top-tier and I'm mostly saddened by the news that HTC is doing worse, again. 

I have never used one of their phones myself so I am one of the people that never helped the company, but I have always held them in high regard from afar. If that makes sense.

The Red OnePlus 6 is a welcome addition, but I can't say that it comes as a surprise. The Project Treble support for the 5/5T was more of an eye catcher really.

About that: What do you think of Project Treble? Is it as good of an addition as some think or do you prefer to call it "meh"?

On the site: Back here in Sweden we have been highly focused on what Wearable to try out next. There will be news on this in the upcoming week. Hopefully an unboxing as well.

I have removed the banner about site construction as I believe I might be happy with the design for now. There are still signs of it being unfinished though. 
What do you think? Have any brilliant ideas as to how I could improve the usability and design of I'd love to hear your opinions. 

Until my next post, Thanks for reading!