Installing Android P: Unlocking the Mi Mix 2s Part 1

Getting ready to flash the Android P beta on my Mi Mix 2s I decided to unlock the bootloader. Hopefully the third Developer Preview (or beta 2) will be released before the countdown is done though. I recall the simple days of the Oneplus One where a quick "Fastboot oem unlock" command did the job. 

Xiaomi has it all under control, so to unlock your device you'll need to get approved. The current application time for this is around 320 hours. Which is a huge source of complaint for users. As you can see below I have a few hours to go. 

Xiaomi decides when you get to start flashing. 

Xiaomi decides when you get to start flashing. 

The process of unlocking a Xiaomi device is bound to the MI Unlock program for Windows. It will ask you to sign in to your MI account and verify your device before asking you to wait. For this to work you'll need to connect you device to your account first. This can be done in the settings [Developer Options > Mi Unlock Status] . My understanding is that the application time can go much faster, but there's no way to know other than plugging your phone in and trying again. Overall the process is very simple though and requires very little of the user except time. Just remember that you will lose anything stored on the device when you unlock the bootloader. It'll basically factory reset itself. 

Log #1.
There's 184 hours left. At first it's hard to grasp that the hours in total amounts to 15 days. When you're trying to unlock the device once a day it becomes clearer that they're not going to unlock it earlier. For some reason both my Jaybird headphones and Gear s2 classic lost their pairing to my phone on the last tries. I'll wait for a few days.

Xiaomi has yet to deliver the updated Developer Preview(as of 18.06.15). As far as I know only Sony, OnePlus and Essential managed to do so yet. The MIUI 10 Global Beta is supposed to be releasing to a few selected users though. Hopefully it'll leak soon enough.

Log #2.
150 hours to go. After 50% fast it's like you forget that you're even waiting. I stopped trying it every day, didn't feel like it was worth it. I read somewhere that people with high levels on the MI forums get through quicker. It's strange that my connected devices seems to loose Bluetooth pairing. It shouldn't really do anything before your'e approved. It's also strange that DP3 isn't out for the Mix 2s yet. Any day now, hopefully.

I'll get back once MI Unlock deems me worthy to Unlock my Bootloader. It's actually quite tiresome to have to wait for it. But I remain hopefull! 

Until next time, thanks for reading!