Apple iPhone Xs - My Take

I have said it before, but I’ll say it again. I have never owned an iPhone.
This makes me an unreliable source from many view-points when talking about these products, but I will approach this from an outside perspective.

With the new iPhone’s finally announced we can see where the trends might go this year, and it’ll not be a huge leap. What do I think? please bear with me!

iPhones of 2018

As you know, Apple is releasing three phones this year. The two main products, simply named the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. As the name suggests these are S-variants of last years iPhone X.
Seeing as there were three phone’s last year Apple also announced the iPhone Xr, without explaining the r in meaning this is the companies idea of a more affordable iPhone X and it’s yours for “only” $749.

Tech-reviewers have thrown out articles saying that this phone will destroy Android-flagship alternatives for a lot of users, but I would think not. Yes, compared to the other iPhone’s $999+ price-tag it is cheaper - it is also thicker, more “bezeled” (no, that is probably not a word) and less impressive. It does however get 7 color-options which is nice.

The iPhone Xs is very similar to last years iPhone X in the same 5,8” dimensions but with a processor-upgrade with performance and battery-life improvements, better cameras and a faster version of face-id.

This is the largest screen on an iPhone yet

The iPhone Xs Max is pretty much the same phone in a larger 6,5” body. This is the largest screen on an iPhone yet, if the marketing makes a whole lot of difference to you.

Iteration is fine, this is the year when only the Chinese manufacturers seems to re-invent themselves again. But seeing as even Samsung ditched the “The next big thing” slogan for the Note 9 Unpacked event maybe Apple shouldn’t brag to much about their small changes.

I’m losing track, I am not here to bash the phone’s themselves. Honestly I would love to try one of them, preferably the iPhone Xs. I am mostly curious to discuss what Apple includes in the box here. That might be a strange topic-decision, but watching SuperSaf comparing it to the Galaxy Note 9 this morning I can’t help to be astonished.

The Box - iPhone Style

Firstly I read that Apple doesn’t include the headphone jack-dongle any more. They obviously want the market to move in their direction, and in a lot of ways they have managed to get the ball rolling. More and more manufacturers are ditching the headphone jack, and I have already been honest about how little I care - personally.
But isn’t a company supposed to listen to its consumers. I thought that was 70% of the OnePlus success-story. Let’s see how that goes by the way, seeing as OnePlus have decided to skip the popular port on their next device as well. A lot of users, me included, have moved to wireless earphones, that is fine, but the dongle was called the #1 selling Apple-accessory so far. Not shipping it in the box seems shady towards every user who still care for the supposedly sound-quality an analog port can give.

But as I said, that is not my personal problem.

This spring I was talking to my fiancee about smartphones (she’s looking into buying a new one soon) and the iPhone came up in a discussion about fast-charging. You might know where I am going with this. How the **** can Apple still not ship their top-smartphones with a fast-charger in the box? I mean, only cheap $200 Android phones come without it included. Do iPhone users simply not use fast-charging?

As I said, I am not an Apple-user. I never have been. I cannot comment on the smartphone-functionality overall. I can tell you that part of me want to try one, if nothing else just to have tried something else.

So what is stopping me? Well truthfully, and this is such an Android thing to say - the prices. Even second-hand the iPhone X is a pricier offering than the Huawei P20 Pro and I do not think it is worth it. For me, personally.

So help me out. Why doesn’t Apple ship their premium “luxury” phone with an included fast-charging power-adapter? Do you care?
Let me know in the comments bellow.

I am hard at work on the LG G7 ThinQ review, and hoping to get it out in one to two weeks actually. Is there something in particular you’d like to know about the phone?