LG and Android One - I want One

Yesterday, LG announced the LG G7 One, aiming to show it off at the IFA convention in Berlin. 

Looking at specs this is a mixture of the LG G6's internals and G7's externals, but specifications are not the star of the show here. As the name suggests, the G7 One ships with Android One, the same stock version of Android that is powering the Nokia phones and the Xiaomi MI A2. 


The design is the G7, notch and all, but foregoing the dual camera setup as well as wireless charging. However, the Boombox speaker and super bright LCD display remains as well as the AI camera mode in the remaining 16MP camera. The headphone jack is also still here with the 32-bit/192kHz audio and support for DTS: X Surround Sound.

The rest of the specifications are:

  • Snapdragon 835 processor
  • 4GB Ram
  • 32 of storage with micro-SD expansion
  • IP68 dust/water resistance

LG says the phone will come in at an "exceptional price". What that means remains to be seen, but unfortunately the phone is for some unknown reason aimed primarily aimed towards the Japanese market.

LG with Stock Android

LG would, in my opinion benefit from taking their relationship with Google further and adopting to a stock Android like approach.

Now I have seen the use of the Snapdragon 835 being perceived as strange, but comparing it to other Android One favorites that are currently on the market they usually utilize the Snapdragon 660 or 635. The 835 is last years flagship processor, and judging by my OnePlus 5T review it is a snappy performer all around.

However, the use of Android One on this device makes me dream even more for a proper LG G7 with Stock Android software. I imagine a world were LG creates a tool allowing you to flash this clean version on the standard edition. I would jump on that in an instance.

Imagine if every Android manufacturer sold two versions of their flagship, one with their own bloated software experience and one with Android One.

Which would you chose? 

How LG provides the G7 One with software updates remains to be seen however. Even if Android One seemingly promises quick and smooth updates the Xiaomi Mi A2 did not receive Oreo 8.1 before this summer. Hopefully that is a one-time delay however, as Nokia updates every Android phone they have yet released without discrimination. 

I am positively hopeful that LG have seen the light and decided to do something about their UI, but time will tell.