Welcome to The Mobile Swede


Who am I?

My name is Andreas Bakken. I'm a Norwegian born Swede living in Malmö, southern Sweden. I guess you could describe me as an over enthusiastic nerd with a special interest for Smart Phones, but also "smart tech" in all it's forms.

What drove me here?

As a teenager I was way too into gaming for my own good. Though never online or multiplayer games. I like a good story-driven experience with graphical and technical advancements. 

Seeing as that interest got toned down over the years (I still play games from time to time mind you) I got way into smart phones. My first smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy Spica. I still remember not having a mobile data plan, then again most people didn't, whilst still being impressed at the small computer in my pocket. When I wanted to replace the Spica it was between the Galaxy s3, Nokia Lumia 900 and the iPhone. I was mostly comparing their respective voice assistants and decided that S-voice seemed better than the unnamed "assistant" on the Lumia series. For some strange reason I thought I didn't like the iPhones of the world. The Galaxy s3 won.

In 2014 I had to replace my Samsung Galaxy s3 and the adventure continued. The OnePlus One was all the rage that Spring and I remember how excited I was for it. Every tech-reviewer covered it and every one wanted it. Well, everyone who'd heard of it. I needed that replacement though so the LG G2 had to do it. It was a great phone at the time and I remember being impressed at the knock code feature and the strange but awesome placement of the back positioned buttons. I got lucky though. Just a day after I got my OnePlus One invite I dropped my G2... I swear that was an accident.

The OnePlus One. It was huge, it had this crazy sandstone material and I couldn't care less if the metal looking frame was actual metal or not (it wasn't). The phone was so fast and there were so many ROMs for it already. I remember this device fondly. The smallest details mattered, like the amazing Lock screen Cyanogen OS shipped with until Android 5.0 Lollipop was released. But being as I am I sold it to my brother a little over 1 year later. The Galaxy s6 was out and on great sales already. Wireless charging, how cool wasn't that? Something drew me towards the Galaxy line and I guess you could say I've at times been biased. I preferred the software design of the OnePlus and stock android though. I guess you could say that I'm also a victim of marketing. I needed that premium material and a fingerprint scanner.

The galaxy Note 7 was about to be released about 9 months later and I wanted it. It never came though, as carriers in Scandinavia never actually got it before the massive call back was issued. I settled for the Galaxy s7 edge instead and this phone impressed me. But it didn't have usb-C which was a shame - and 6 months later it got stolen. What did you buy when you needed a phone quickly and on the cheap in 2017? The Honor 8. at 3500 SEK ($373.5) was a steal and actually a great phone. I used it for 3 months until the galaxy s8 was out and Samsung Pay arrived in Sweden. How cool wasn't that? I actually used Samsung Pay almost every day and I hope Android Pay get here sooner rather than later. Wireless charging though? It's a nice addition but I didn't seem to use it all that much. It might be because the s8 didn't seem to register the charging pad at all and I don't like waking up to a dead phone. There's something about Samsung phones. They lure you in by being the "all in one" phone, but then how much of that all do you actually use? You tell me.

I recently replaced the s8 with the OnePlus 5T (You can read my full review here) and I'm officially unbiased again.

In a Smart phone I want speed. I want a good camera experience and a fluid user interface that doesn't lag or glitch. I know software is tricky, bugs occur - but I want this to be exceptions, not rules. I'm not paying over $1000 for something that isn't refined and if I'm beta testing I want to know it. 

I will judge these products based on performance, both in every day life and light gaming, battery life (based on my own usage of course) and camera quality.

On this page I want to check out every manufacturers latest and greatest but also the budget friendlier options. I have decided to try and cater to the international as well as the Swedish crowd. This means I will translate all my posts to Swedish as well and have them represented on the site. I've always wanted to try out a phone from HTC but for some reason never bought one. The same thing can be said about Sony phones. They've had ip-certified flagships for years and I've still never bought one. Xiaomi seems to be going places and have now launched in France and Italy (Sweden is coming: according to Mobil.se [in Swedish]) and if we're lucky the Pixel 3 comes here along with Google Assistant Officially being released in Swedish.
Speaking of Google Assistant I'm working on a Smart Home montage review including the Google Home smart speakers and Home Assistant. 

I will cover every phone that I can, but seeing as I'm only one person that's one phone at the time. If you have a recommendation as to which device I should try out please let me know in the comments below and I'll get back to you shortly!

Until next time, thanks for tuning in!